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Rodrigo Araujo
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi everyone, I'm a guy who enjoys drawing, I draw since... Well... Since I was a kid. It was a long journey since then, in the middle of laziness and procrastination. XD

I'm also a writer and I'm currently studying game design.

Here on DA, I like to draw people's request, so if you want a drawing, please let me know.

You can also find me on Steam if you want to play something together:…


Tagged by :icontheportugueseplayer:

1. Tell us about your favorite writing project/universe that you've worked with and why.
I'm working on a life time project called Dimensional Zero, where 3 sisters travels across the multiverse trying to fix the damage done on it by powerful creatures called dimensionals. It's too huge for myself, but I got time.

2. How many characters do you have? Do you prefer males or females?
Hang on I got a list... Lemme get it.
About 63 and there are people missing on it.
I prefer females because I don't know how to draw males.

3. How do you come up with names, for characters (and for places if you're writing about fictional places)?
Magic. XD
For real, the names just pop in, except one that I spent... 1 year just to choose her name. Recently, for a new project ongoing (no name yet), most of the sisters have names based on gemstones.

4. Tell us about one of your first stories/characters!
Taayly Anissa... She is special... She born November, 11 of 2011 with the idea of a hack slash video game, but the idea diverted for a comic, but Taayly stayed. She is the main protagonist of Dimensional Zero, member of the Black Fang Elite Squad, traveling across her sisters and her friends from dimension 0 to 10 trying to restore the stability to all dimensions.
I can't tell more because spoilers (eve if her story only appears somewhere decades later and everyone will forget this thing).
I treat her like a daughter that I will never have (such social), giving my best when I art/write about her.

5. By age, who is your youngest character? Oldest?
The yougest is D9, a small combat bot with troll personality due a bad behavior programming, he doesn't even have a year.
For oldest both Taigreduos and Saigreduos have the same age, they are live representations of Good/Evil, Light/Dark, that cliché stuff, their age... They are the "concept of time" years old (wat?).

6. Where are you most comfortable writing? At what time of day? Computer or paper?
At college on the library, but I'm rarely there. The time is when the idea appears out of nowhere then I write wherever I can, then I put on notes on the computer.

7. Do you listen to music while you write? What kind? Are there any songs you like to relate/apply to your characters?
Rarely, I'm usually watching TV or talking with someone on Teamspeak/Steam when I'm working on my characters. I didn't reach the song theme development yet, so no music for characters.

8. What's your favorite genre to write? To read?
I like to write comedy, but drama is the most coming out recently.
I don't read, but if I would, I would read comedy.

9. How do you get ideas for your characters? Describe the process of creating them.
Since I live out of society and out of internet, with media barely reaching me, I get my ideas from... Me?
The process of creating everyone is confuse and unexplainable, so I can't describe it.

10. What are some really weird situations your characters have been in?
There's a time when Koori's (Taayly's sister) and Kyron, a krytakken (bipedal reptile species) start arguing and decided "argue" in Wannor's bed, Wannor was later trying to figure out (furious, worth to note) how the mattress ended up in the tree.

11. Who is your favorite character to write? Least favorite?
Taayly's arc is my favorite because her complexity and insecurity. I don't have a least one, I work less on Safyn, because her psychotic personality went wrong, and to me, there's no "restart", so she will change her way to think during her story.

12. In what story did you feel you did the best job of world building?
Dimensional Zero, since there was so much crazy worlds to create, like a "1D universe". But is not finished so...

13. What's your favorite culture to write, fictional or not?
Fictional, non fiction is boring and lack the liberty you have in fiction. Like a human and a koun (which resembles a chow-chow) have 1000... and something half wolf girls that became a pest on the planet because their abnormal strength and childish behavior. 

14. How do you map out locations, if needed? Do you have any to show us?
Depend of the planet, on Earth, locations barely resemble the real ones, the others is purely hand made. I make notes on the places used, but I didn't make any map, yet...

15. Mid way question! Tell us about a writer you admire, whether professional or not!
So many questions...
Well since I don't read, I can't answer this one.

16. Do you write romantic relationships? How do you do with those, and how "far" are you willing to go in your writing?
I do, badly, since I don't really know how relationships work. Either is that love that happens all of sudden because a event that approach the couple or that one that take years building it via mocking, jealousness and etc... 

17. Favorite protagonist and why!
Taayly, because I treat her like a daughter, plus her personality is much more complex that the "I'm stressed, stop messing up things" people are familiar with in her appearances in other stories. She is insecure, has fears that she hides in that usually stressed state, but sometimes she is kind and sweet, specially when curious about things she never heard of.

18. Favorite antagonist and why!
Can't tell, would ruin his/her cover.

19. Favorite minor that decided to shove himself into the spotlight and why!
D9, he started as a "robot without emotions", but then Wannor decided do program his behavior core and  D9 ended up as a copy of himself, but even more troll. After that D9 and Wannor became the comic relief of Dimensional Zero.

20. What are your favorite character interactions to write?
D9 and Wannor, since they are the comic relief, there are no bounds that they don't break.

21. Do any of your characters have children? How well do you write them?
Yes and no, Akari and Chow-Chow Branco (yes I'm a character too, shut up) have thousands of kids, but they didn't "came out" of Akari, they were created in laboratory using both parents genes. The story about this ended up sad, both Branco and Akari ended up being assassinated by the scientist behind the bioengineer of their daughters, whom he made with the purpose as bio weapons and super soldiers, creating an army, but they went out of control and ended up in the streets causing trouble to everybody.

22. How long does it usually take you to complete an entire story—from planning to writing to posting (if you post your work)?
Dimensional Zero is being developed since 2011 and with no signs of completion.
The other new project is almost ready and will be merely comic charges in a website, maybe this year.

23. How willing are you to kill your characters if the plot so demands it? What's the most interesting way you've killed someone?
I rarely kill my characters, but Branco and Akari died, they ended up being assassinated by their own kids under mind control of the scientist who created them. But for sake in the new project, Branco survived.

24. Do any of your characters have pets? Tell us about them.
Wannor in Dimensional Zero has a dog, guess the name? XD
Emer, another kumanite who loves animals, bring every type of pet into the house, from caterpillars to elephants.

25. Let's talk art! Do you draw your characters? Do others draw them? Pick one of your OCs and post your favorite picture of him!
I try, but there are so many. I don't think another person ever drew them.
Ok, mostly is wallpapers, maybe won't look good here, but here's s anyway:
Raised on the Battlefield by ChowChowBranco
Safyn Emer the Forgotten Kumanite by ChowChowBranco

26. Along similar lines, do appearances play a big role in your stories? Tell us about them, or if not, how you go about designing your characters.
Yes, specially for kumanites whom are hunt down and deported from their planet, so they try to hide themselves among people.

27. Have you ever written a character with physical or mental disabilities?
Well, Taayly can't talk, so she uses hand signals and lately, an interpreter gadget created by her sister, Suzume.

28. Final question! Tag someone! And tell us what you like about that person as a writer and/or about one of his/her characters!
Ok, even if Barley has already tagged you.
We roleplay together sometimes, he is gud a writing and develop a very intriguing robot character.

  • Eating: Nuggets
Winter Chow by ChowChowBranco
Hello everyone! It's finally my favorite season of the year: Winter! Well not officially... But this last week has been cold as a true winter and I hope his continue until the winter itself shows up.

Due this sudden climate change I decided to make a small art showing one of my favorite things to do when it's cold: drinking tea, also drawing in bed with as many blankets as possible is not bad either, well until you need to go to the college. T^T

But how about you? What's your favorite season? And what do you like to do when you favorite season pops in?

  • Drinking: All the Tea!!


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